Create Survey

When SurveyMaker is first loaded into a share pod by a Host or Presenter it will be empty, so the first thing you will need to do is add a new question from the list of question types

Use the + button on the toolbar to show the list of question types - just click on the one you want to create first. Don't worry, you can easily delete the question later if you no longer need it.

Your new question will appear on the page with the default colour background - click in the question box and start typing to add your text. The question you are currently working on has a green glowing border around the outside, as shown below. To select a different question, just click anywhere on the question you want to edit and the green border will reset accordingly.

Making real-time changes to a survey

When creating or editing a Survey in Pause Mode, only one user may make changes at a time. This is to prevent one person's changes being overwritten by another in real time. 

For this reason, if there are multiple hosts or presenters in the room, an information message will be displayed, showing which user is in control of the survey at any particular moment.  Click below for an example of what these messages look like to other room participants when you have control of the survey.

Ways to change and personalise your survey

The order of the questions in your survey is important, so you are able to change the order in which they appear on the screen at any time while the survey is in Pause Mode. If you like, you can also change the colour of the background and text of any question.

When you are ready and happy with your survey, switch to Play Mode, and survey participants will be able to see the questions and submit their answers.