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Changing the order of questions

The order of your survey questions can prove quite significant, or you may find you wish to change the order in which they are presented to the participants. Here are two ways of changing the order of questions.

Drag and drop

Select the question by clicking on it, then hold and drag the question to its new preferred location. The black box represents the question, with the arrow showing where the question will appear once the arrow is released.

When the move is complete, the numerical position of each question (as shown in the top left of each question, close to the question text) will change automatically to reflect the new ordering.

Using the Order picker

A - Question background colour
B - Question text colour
C - Delete Question
D - Pick question order

Select the question you would like to move by clicking on it, then use the number picker in the Appearance toolbar to select the new position for that question by using the correct numerical position. The question will move automatically and the numbering system will adjust immediately.