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Question appearance

When creating your survey, you may wish to group different questions together for specific reasons; for example, certain questions may only apply to one group of participants. Changing the colour of the question text and background can make this more straightforward.

Each question has its own set of colour controls, so to change multiple questions you must edit each individually.

Changing the background colour

Use the square in the toolbar to view the dropdown menu of available background colours, then select the one you wish to use.

Changing the text colour

In the same way, use the T in the toolbar to show the available text colours, and select the one you wish to use.

Experiment with combinations to find the best for your survey question. In this example, a red background and white text was selected. The selected colours appear on the toolbar when a question setter edits that question.


In addition to changing the appearance of an individual question, you may need to change the order of your questions before you display the survey by hitting Play on the toolbar.