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Saving / Loading Surveys and Templates

reating a new survey from scratch can be time consuming, especially if you are likely to repeat the same survey on a number of occasions. ActiveC has extended their cloud account functionality as pioneered in StickyNotePages to include Survey questions created in SurveyMaker.

Saving a Survey

To save a survey to your ActiveC cloud account, click on the cloud icon with the green up arrow, as shown here.

The you will see a dialogue box where you can log into your cloud account. 

To change the password to your cloud account use the "Forgot password" link.

After you have logged into your ActiveC cloud account, this will bring up a the ActiveC cloud dialog box, containing information on what's already stored in your account. Give your survey a name and click Save to add it to your existing list.

Save as template option

SurveyMaker provides the option to save a Survey as a template; that is, to save all the Questions and possible Answers without including the results from previous surveys.

This makes it very simple to use the same survey questions quickly and easily with mulitple cohorts of participants.

If the Save as template box is left unchecked, all the existing responses to your survey will be stored along with the Questions and possible Answers.

Loading a Survey

To load an existing survey from your ActiveC cloud account, click the cloud icon with the purple down arrow, as shown.

The ActiveC cloud dialog box will again appear, offering your current list of surveys for download into the app.

Load as template option

As with the save option, survey makers are able to load existing surveys back into the application without their existing set of responses, enabling an existing "completed" survey to be reused with a new cohort of participants.