Exporting results

Results from your survey can be downloaded from SurveyMaker in two ways:

Export to PDF (Connect 9 version only)

In the Connect  9 version of SurveyMaker the live "Show survey report" button provides access to the downloadable PDF report of all the questions and results from your survey. The formatting is very similar to that shown in the Live "Show survey report" view including the chart colour scheme.

Clicking the "Export to PDF" button will automatically create the report using the current live data and display settings then prompt you to choose a name and location for the file download. 

Although the Connect 8 version of SurveyMaker does not support the 'Export to PDF' feature directly you can still obtain the PDF by saving your answered survey to the ActiveC cloud and then loading into the Connect 9 version of the app running stand-alone in a browser.

PDF formatting controls

Reordering the tables, turning chart legends on or off, setting chart colour schemes and adjusting the width of the pod/browser window SurveyMaker is running in will all affect the formatting of the PDF report when exported.

Please note that the width of the pod or browser tab that SurveyMaker is running in has an inverse effect on the size of charts in the report - wider pods create smaller charts and narrow pods create bigger ones.

Export to .csv

Use the Export to CSV button on the Survey Toolbar to create the CSV report using live data from the survey.

The data from each answer grid in the survey is converted to .csv format for use in other applications, such as Microsoft Excel.

SurveyMaker asks you to choose a name for the file, and a location to which it should be saved. The default filename is the name of the Pod in the Adobe Connect room.

The download contains complete details for each attendee's answers.

CSV formatting

The Header row of the information contains the title of each question, along with the answer options or free text responses, depending on the question type.

Each row that follows is the complete answer record of the individual survey participants, as shown in this example.