Guided Tour

Let's take a look at what SurveyMaker looks like when it is in use. Here is an overview of the app and the relevant tools and features.

The key buttons are located in the top left corner on the toolbar (A-H). These make up the Survey Toolbar.
The appearance and position of each question is controlled by the Appearance Toolbar (I - L).

When SurveyMaker is in use, Hosts and Presenters can choose to display results in real time or seek help using the other buttons marked on the picture. As usual in apps from ActiveC, the Help button and ActiveC menu button both appear in the bottom right hand corner of the application.

Please click below to see a full sized version.

The links in the legend below will take you to the relevant section of the User Guide. SurveyMaker is a fantastic tool; the information here will help you to make the most of it! 

Q: Selected question (glowing green edges)

ActiveC menus:
R: Help button/link to User Guide
S: ActiveC button/link to Licence information