Pause and Play Modes

SurveyMaker has two modes of operation, which a Host or Presenter can switch between using buttons on the app's toolbar.

Pause Mode

PAUSE mode allows Hosts and Presenters to create, edit or remove survey questions. While the app is in Pause mode, participants in the Adobe Connect room see a message letting them know that the survey is not currently available. The message can be customised to your requirements.

Play Mode

Note: In Play mode, the "Add new question" button is greyed out, as surveys cannot be edited while in use.

PLAY mode dis
plays the survey ready for responses, and enables all participants (including Hosts and Presenters) in the Adobe Connect room to answer the questions. 

Changing between Pause and Play Mode: Editing Questions

It is possible to toggle between Play and Pause modes quickly, to ensure that your survey is exactly as desired before use.

However, if a question is to be edited after after answers have already been received, all existing answers for that question will be deleted. 

Survey Makers will receive a warning message if final changes are made to the Question or available Answer text. Once any changes are confirmed, they cannot be undone.

While it may not be advisable to change the text of any question once the survey has been opened for responses, it is still possible to change the appearance of the question by changing the text or background colour, or the order in which questions are displayed.