Play mode

Play Mode starts the survey and makes it available to all participants in the room.

A green stripe appears on the left hand side of each question when it has been answered, allowing each participant to keep track of which questions they have answered and which they have not.

Before answering the question:

After answering the question:

Realtime Analysis

Hosts or Presenters may choose to provide realtime analytics to participants at any time during the survey. 

If a Host or Presenter enables it, the graphs and pie charts produced in real time as results to the survey questions come in can be broadcast to everyone in the Adobe Connect room.

Hosts and Presenters are also able to individually view the Results Grid for each question, showing the responses provided by each individual user.

Hosts and Presenters have the ability to control the display of the results for each question individually, or for all questions at once. Read on into the Analytics pages to find out more.