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Realtime Analytics

When your survey has been launched in Play Mode and responses are coming in live from your participants, it is possible to display that information live for everyone to see. This function is similar to the "Broadcast Results" setting available in the standard Adobe Connect poll pod, but takes the possibilities on to another level.

Results for individual questions

At the right hand side of each question, two additional buttons appear for Hosts and Presenters, allowing them to track results and broadcast if they wish.

Inspect results

A Host or Presenter can check the detail of all incoming results without displaying them to any other user using the magnifying glass icon. This is known as a "local change" - only the person who clicks the button can see the change in place.

Broadcast graphic results

A Host or Presenter can show the pie chart or graphs for an individual question to the whole audience by clicking the pie chart button.

Results for all questions

Hosts and Presenters can also choose to show all the graphic results to the audience, using the pie chart button in the Survey toolbar.

However, if for any reason it is preferred to hide one or more of the real time results, clicking on the same button in an individual question will hide the results.

Complete Survey Report

Hosts and Presenters can choose to view a pre-formatted Survey Report by clicking on clipboard button. This is a local change, only impacting on the individual Host or Presenter's view of the application.

Results are updated live as more participants submit their answers.

This view also provides the option to export the complete report as a PDF document for use away from Adobe Connect, providing a quick, smartly presented overview of your survey results.

Read on to find out more about the graphs and results grids.