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Results grid

Hosts and Presenters can choose to view the detailed results for any individual question by clicking on the magnifying glass icon. This will provide a complete list of all the individual responses for the chosen question in grid form, as well as local (not broadcast to the whole audience) oversight of the individual graph or chart associated with the question.

Results grids are also provided in the Live Survey Report and exported PDFs.

Examples of Results grid formatting

Depending on the Question type selected, the appearance of the results grids will be slightly different.

Simple grids:

Short and Long Text, Yes / No, Multiple Choice, Text Slider, Number, Likert Scale

Simple grids are shown when the survey participant is required only to give a single answer, whether it is a free text response or a selection from a list. 

First example is of a Horizontal Text Slider grid, showing how the grid appears as part of each question. Notice that the magnifying glass is now coloured, to show that it is active and showing extra information.

... and here is a grid from a Number question.

Complex Grids:

Multiple Answer, Pick and Order, Rank

Where survey participants are required to provide more than one answer or re-order a list of answers, their responses are separated by semi-colons in the answer grid. Hosts and Presenters can hover over each line of the grid to see that participant's complete responses if they are not visible on a single line. Clicking in a line also enables scrolling using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

This example is from a Pick and Order question.

Remember, you can also export the information out of a Survey at any time, either as a PDF document or a .csv file for use in another application, such as Excel.

Take a look at how the Graphs appear for each question type.