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Pick and Order

Using a Pick and Order question enables survey participants to take a list of options provided by the question setter on the left of the question box and rank them in order of importance on the right. In common with other question types involving lists, enter each answer option on a separate line.  It is good practice to keep answers short, as the width of the list box is quite limited.

A checkbox at the bottom left of the Question in Pause Mode allows the question setter to decide if the survey participant has to make use of all the options provided, or only select those they feel most strongly about (a partial answer). If the "Allow partial answer" box is NOT checked, only complete answers will be included in the results, with partial responses being ignored.

Pause Mode: (as viewed by Host/Presenter)

Play Mode: (as viewed by Host/Presenter before answering)

Play Mode: (as viewed by Participant, with three of the options selected)

In the example below, a fourth option has been selected, and the survey participant has changed the order of importance of the other three.

Participants are prompted by tool tips to drag and drop the items into their preferred order.

Take a look at the Analytics information to see how results can be displayed and exported out of SurveyMaker for future use.

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