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Vertical Text Slider

Text slider questions enable survey participants to respond to a range of text statements, rather than simply ranking something on a number scale, which can give much greater flexibility in the phrasing of each question.

Vertical text slider questions are best used with longer text statements, which will each require a line of the survey's width; they can sometimes take up quite a lot of space on screen because of their greater detail.

As before, question setters enter their question text in the Question entry box, then list their possible answers in the Answers box. Each line will form one point on the scale slider.

Pause Mode: (as viewed by Host/Presenter)

Play Mode: (as viewed by Host/Presenter)

Play Mode: (as viewed by Participant, with slider moved to the middle option)

Take a look at the Analytics information to see how results can be displayed and exported out of SurveyMaker for future use.

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