Settings Menu

The Settings menu is in the Survey Toolbar, accessible only by Hosts or Presenters.

Survey tab

Force Survey play

Enables a host or presenter who is not currently "in control" of a Paused Survey to set it to Play Mode and thereby take over control. A useful measure if (for example) the previous host has had to depart the meeting suddenly or has a connection problem.

Delete all results

Enables a host or presenter to delete all results from an existing survey, effectively resetting it but without changing the existing structure. 

Delete all questions

Resets the survey to a blank start page.

Pause tab

Participant paused message

Customise the message that is shown to participants while the survey is inactive or being edited.

Colours tab

Question Background and Text colours

Enables hosts or presenters to change the colours available in the picker displayed on the Appearance toolbar.

Graph colours

Change the colours which will appear in the realtime analytics graphs and the selector boxes seen by participants, including the Unswered/Answered indicator on the left. 

Using the Colour selectors

To add a new colour, select the desired colour from the small box picker, then click Add to place it on the list.

To delete an existing colour, select it in the colour list on the left and the click Delete.

All graphs and colours will update automatically. 

Survey tab

Pause tab

Colours tab